Being around for 50 years has its advantages. Started in 1964, Norco has been making the high quality bikes at affordable prices. In the early 90s Norco exploded on the downhill scene when they broke the mold and came out with a bike with longer travel than ever imagined, cementing their place in the mountain bike world. Now they are changing the mold again with their 650B wheel sized mountain bikes. Even though they make some of the best mountain bikes out there, the city bikes are not to be passed over. Whether it be the classic styled City Glides or the more modern XFR you are sure to find one you love.




Cervelo is a newer entry into the bicycle market. Founded in 1995, Cervelo has quickly made its mark on the cycling industry by providing some of the lightest, fastest bikes on the market. Best known in the triathlon world, Cervelo has taken the most triathlon wins of any company out there. In the club ride world, they are not as commonplace as some of the other more well known brands, but they are well regarded as some of the nicest road bikes on the road and are sure to turn heads.



When shopping at our store you will find purpose driven bicycles. You will quickly discover that the bicycles we carry are some of the best money can buy.  At Evergreen Cycles  we try to cater to anyone interested in biking, but we only carry products that we can stand behind. Every bicycle we sell comes with a full lifetime warranty on the frame and one year on all of the parts. With a full year of free service you know your bike will stay in tip-top shape. Check out our bike lines below. You will find that they are not only some of the best bicycles on the market, but we can get you onto one at a reasonable price.